Vanderbilt Early Decision Agreement Form

No no. Vanderbilt considers each student as a whole, individually and within the application pool, and not just in relation to other students applying for the same high school. Keep in mind that within a school`s group of applicants, students can apply to different Vanderbilt colleges or as part of different decision plans. The number of students accepted by Vanderbilt from a given school corresponds to the quality of the school`s candidates for that given year. Vanderbilt uses a context-based global authorization process – we don`t use cut-offs for standardized tests or grade averages. In our review process, we evaluate students` academic results and look for students who have performed well in the context of the most demanding academic programs of their high school. We assess activities outside the classroom in terms of depth of engagement, roles and responsibilities, and leadership. We also evaluate the candidates` letter by the application article and the short answer. Finally, we look at letters of recommendation that often provide the admissions committee with context about the candidate, both in the classroom and in the wider community. In return for the benefits of an expedited decision in November/December, applicants must attach to their applications a signed binary decision agreement by which they commit to visit Vanderbilt if admitted. Hi Phillip, students are only allowed to apply as part of a decision plan in the last year – we do not accept applications from high school juniors.

You are right that there is a slightly higher admission rate for ED than for rd, but the majority of our first year class is licensed by RD. Some requests for a binding advance ruling may be maintained for further consideration in the ordinary decision-making process and are then subject to acceptance, a waiting list or a refusal decision. If they are finally adopted, applicants will be considered by our procedure for the regular awarding of scholarship funding. Adoption by the ordinary decision-making process is not binding. I`m still confused about early and regular early decision: Early decision plans work very similarly to Early Action, as students submit their applications before the normal decision deadline and receive their admission decisions shortly after.