Sat Agreement

The removal of the non-essential clause leaves us with “My math teacher gives too much homework”. The subject-verb compliance error in this sentence is easy to detect. It`s a matter of subject-verb agreement in this independent clause: “The overall security of the city has improved significantly since it was hired.” To simplify, the subject is “security”, which is a singular noun, so the verb must also be singular, which “has improved” hurts and “improved” the corrected verb. Remember that subject-verb concordance questions with collective nouns are rare, but I`ve seen this kind of question about actual SATs. Here`s what the sentence would look like: correct the subject-verb compliance error. Some may be accurate. Knowledge of the usual tricks used by the SAT for questions that test your knowledge of subject-verb correspondence can be helpful. The more you know these tricks, the faster you can identify them and correctly answer questions about subject-verb correspondence. Most subject-verb correspondence questions on the SAT deal with verb forms in the singular form of the third person (he/she/she/one) and plural forms of the third person (she). The subject-verb conformity error is much more obvious. Hurrah! Interrupting sentences is not the only tactic used by the SAT to complicate subject-verb correspondence issues. On the SAT, you need to be able to identify what the verbs are before you can search for their topics. Some students mistakenly think that oscillations and swings are verbs in this sentence.

Fluctuation is however called infinitive (being, hating, running,…) and swings are called gerund (running, cooking, exploding,…). You`ve probably heard of infinitives in French or Spanish class, where it`s the root form of a verb before you conjugate it. In English, it`s the same. Infinitive and Gerunds are not verbs, so there is no need to look for the subject-verb agreement. The only real verb in this example is likes. Again, gerunds and infinites are never verbs. Don`t waste time looking for their subjects. Sometimes the normal word order of a sentence is changed, so that a prepositional sentence appears at the beginning of a sentence and the subject follows the verb….