Dito Cell Tower Lease Agreements Philippines

My brother told me a few years ago (before buying Smart Soleil) that Sun was willing to rent our land for 15k a month for 25 years. Many people may already know what a Telco tower is. Others call it the cellular site when the telecommunications tower is used for the transmission of mobile signals and data. You can see these cell sites and the telecommunications tower as very tall metal towers with antennas at the top, and you have a flashing red light above the antenna. This tower is usually limited to a small area of land and secured by walls and barbed wire. The areas where they are located are usually located near or right next to the public road. This is important because building a tower is easy when materials can be delivered with great ease to the cell location. Others must also be in a specific location. It does not require much investment of time and work, since the deadline for payment of rent is set for a certain. The most common establishment among apartments is the monthly payment of rent. However, there is another way to allow you to make money with your property and country as passive income. You can rent your land or roof to telecommunications companies that are looking for mobile phone sites or the Telco Tower. We have a free land here in Davao province, 1.400 m² 1.4hectars twagon 09953652570 it is a free land of 250 to 300 m² that I can rent, my pitch is open to my location of large mamed buildings and blocked by Cellsite plots that I have to call my location.

robertocalupitan November 28, 2020 5.0 Roberto M. Calupitan November 28, 2020 I have a free plot of 500 m².m in 117 Pantonia St, Bicutan, Victoria Laguna.