Unpaid Internship Agreement Template Uk

4.2. There is no guarantee or expectation that the internship activity will lead to a job at the company. An intern must be paid to perform tasks that go beyond the shadow of the job. An intern is entitled to the national minimum wage if he is considered an employee and does his internship with the promise of a future job. Employers cannot help but pay the national minimum wage when it is due by stating in their internship contract that they are not being paid. For more information, please see payment and benefits. This agreement is a good way to set clear expectations for employers and interns during a paid temporary internship. The agreement allows the employer to define the rights and obligations of the apprentice in key areas such as salary, working time, leave, sickness and dismissal. It is possible to defer the registration of pensions for the first three months of employment. 2. Compensation. The parties agree that this is an unpaid internship, as the intern is not compensated financially for the company`s obligations.

Internally, he/she agrees to gain valuable knowledge, experience, training and training in the corporate industry, taking into account duties and responsibilities. 2.2. Other responsibilities may be completed at any time, by mutual agreement between the company and the intern and the university. “Inventions” are discoveries, developments, concepts, designs, ideas, know-how, improvements, inventions, trade secrets and/or original works of intellectual property, whether patentable, copyrighted or protected by law. You understand that this includes all new products, machines, manufacturing items, biological materials, processes, processes, processes, technology, technology, use, equipment, appliance, device, device, system, connection, formulation, material composition, design or configuration of any kind. You understand that “corporate inventions” refer to all inventions that you can write, discover, develop, design or reduce to practice, exclusively or collectively during the internship. Type of internship: By signing below, you acknowledge that you have agreed to participate in this unpaid internship. Note that if you receive a credit from your school for participating in an internship, we will be happy to work with you to meet all the requirements to get credits. 1.4.

This agreement is concluded as part of the training of the SPECIFY EDUCATION trainee and, during the internship period, the NUMBER ETCS trainee will accumulate points. 6.1. All intellectual property rights for any type of text, graphic material, concepts and other products, including know-how, inventions, works, etc., which the trainee may produce, discover or develop on his own or in collaboration with others during the internship are, regardless of the format transmitted by the trainee, irrevocably and cannot be copied or removed from the exclusive assignment of the company. This internship agreement (hereafter referred to as the “agreement”) replaces all previous agreements regarding the intern`s employment and constitutes the complete agreement between the parties with regard to the terms of the internship.