Newfoundland And Labrador Collective Agreements

(2) When an employer is unable to implement a collective agreement or judgment because it is prohibited by law, the employer does everything in its power to implement and support legislation to transpose and implement these provisions as a state measure. If you want a copy of your collective agreement on paper, talk to your trustee. If you don`t know who your administrator is or how to contact your office, contact the CUPE office near you. 4. A provision of this Act or a collective agreement that limits the time it takes to initiate an appeal or arbitration process or a decision does not apply when a matter is referred to the House in accordance with this section. 2. An employer, buyer, taker, purchaser or negotiator, workers` organization or any other person covered in subsection 1 may ask the House to resolve an issue or problem arising from the sale, lease, transfer or decision regarding a collective agreement, certification, application, notification or termination right. 3. A collective agreement under this Act is binding on the negotiator and employer as contracting parties and for workers in the unit it concerns and is implemented by the union as a party and remains in effect during the period provided in sub-section 1 or until the issuance by another collective agreement or judgment. , if the duration is longer. q) “unity”: a group of workers that is recognized by the Board of Directors as agreeable by collective agreement in accordance with this Act. (b) unless a collective agreement is concluded, which is binding on workers for whom the application is made; (c) if a collective agreement is in effect for unit workers at the time of certification, the certified bargaining partner is replaced as a contracting party in this agreement.

25. If the social partners are unable to conclude a collective agreement, the negotiator does not accept a strike vote by the unit`s employees or declare or authorize a strike by these workers, and a worker of the unit may strike or participate in a strike only after the end of a 14-day period from the date (d) if more than one collective agreement is to remain in force. Designate workers who must be covered by any agreement; (a) be amended or repealed to the extent that the Board of Directors considers a collective agreement to be necessary or appropriate; 2. If no collective agreement is in effect and a bargaining partner is not certified for the unit under this Act, the application may be made at any time. 13. In the absence of a collective agreement between a negotiator and an employer with respect to workers in a single entity, there is no judgment on respect for these workers.19 (1) At the written request of the government negotiator or negotiator, or when the Minister is able to agree on the terms of a collective agreement, the Minister may appoint a simple three-member committee to review the dispute, report the facts and make recommendations for resolving the dispute.