Atlas Ti End User License Agreement

Please do not accept student licensing orders. They are only available through the ATLAS.ti INTERNET SITE and must be requested directly by the customer. 1. The seller must provide the software to the dealer in a state free of quality or legal defects. Defects that affect only minor ability to use the software are not considered defects within the meaning of this agreement. Operating defects caused by the hardware and software environment provided by the reseller, errors of use, incorrect external data, computer network malfunctions or any other reason that falls within the dealer`s responsibility are not considered defects within the meaning of this agreement. Atlas.ti provides lower-cost higher education licenses. These licences can only be sold to accredited educational institutions within the meaning of our terms and conditions of sale and to their employees and students. If your organization is evaluating ATLAS.ti for a multi-user or campus license, or if you want to present it to YOUR class students on ATLAS.ti, plan a free one-hour demonstration of the software through web conferences. 1. The seller grants the reseller, as a licensed reseller, a discount on the software calculated on the basis of the non-binding list prices (end-users) recommended by ATLAS.ti GmbH. The list price in effect at the time of the sales contract is the basis of this calculation.

The amount of this commission is subject to a separate agreement. Note that the invitation key is very similar to an ATLAS.ti license key from version 8. Anyone with the key can join your organization and use your ATLAS.ti licenses. Therefore, don`t give the key to people outside your organization. In fact, we recommend generating a new key at regular intervals. This invalidates the old invitation keys if they have been compromised. This does not affect users who have already joined the Organization. Note that the new license you add is compatible with the existing license. For example, if you have a commercial license, you should purchase additional commercial licenses, not education or government licenses. Currently, the system does not check whether you are trying to mix incompatible types of licenses – it is the administrator`s responsibility to ensure that the organization is allowed to use activated licenses. Our terms of licence are valid.

ATLAS.ti licenses are available for purchase (individual, multi-user and leasing) and leasing (only users). All types of fully online support INCLUDE licenses as well as regular service packs. The LEASE license also includes free upgrades to the next main version (during the lease period). If you are an ATLAS.ti reseller, you do not need an ATLAS.ti account on the online portal. Just buy licenses in the shop. If you have a subscription license and qualify for a free upgrade from an earlier version, you will receive the license key directly from ATLAS.ti via email. (Of course, this does not exclude, for example. B, that a university obtains a bachelor`s degree for two or more departments. In this case, however, only the university can be the holder of the license, not the different departments.) Your Atlas Authority Add-ons license is limited to the number of licenses you have purchased. You should not allow others to use, copy or analyze copies of Atlas Authority Add-ons. If you have a complex organization with z.B several departments and each department needs different policies to find out who has access to which license, create multiple ATLAS.ti organization accounts.