Agreement To Be Accountable For All Aspects Of The Work

This section welcomes submissions on the theoretical or applied aspects of corporate sustainability. Research on the challenges and opportunities to integrate commitment to sustainability into corporate governance structures is particularly encouraged. For example, studies focused on sustainability, sustainability performance or supply chain management are examples of relevant research. The authors are encouraged to examine the short- and long-term impact of business sustainable development initiatives. Qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods Research approaches are welcome. An author may list more than one article, and more than one author may have contributed to the same aspect of the work. The Journal of Business Ethics takes scientific integrity very seriously. We expect that our authors will not behave unethically. (2) reproduce the work of others, (3) reproduce their own work without citing or appropriate proportions, and (4) resubmit documents already rejected in the review. Co-authors who make specific and limited contributions to a document are responsible for their contributions, but may have only limited responsibility for other outcomes.

Although not all co-authors are familiar with all aspects of the research presented in their paper, all staff should have an appropriate procedure in place to verify the accuracy of the reported results. Changing the list of authors after submission requires the approval of all authors. These include additions, deletions and changes in order. The requests must come from the author concerned with an explanation of the change. If the change is deemed appropriate, the author concerned must obtain the consent of all authors for the change and assign PLOS, including any additional, deleted or subordinate changes. The book described has not yet been published; it should not be published anywhere else; In order for editors and reviewers to accurately evaluate the work presented in your manuscript, you must ensure that the English language is of sufficient quality to be understood. If you need help writing in English, you should take into account that the contributions of all authors must be described. PLOS took over the taxonomy CRediT to describe the different contributions of each author to this work. The submitting author is responsible for providing contributions from all authors on submission.

We assume that all authors have verified, discussed and voted on their individual contributions in advance. Contributions are published with the final article and should accurately reflect contributions to work. AND to have agreed both to be personally responsible for the author`s own contributions and to ensure that questions relating to the accuracy or integrity of a part of the work, even if the author was not personally involved, are properly studied, resolved and that the resolution documented in the literature is documented. All employees have some responsibility for each document they have co-written. Some co-authors are responsible for the entire document as an accurate and verifiable report on research. These include co-authors responsible for the integrity of the data reported in the journal, who conduct the analysis, write the manuscript, present important results at conferences or give scientific direction to young colleagues. Each author is expected to have made substantial contributions to the design or design of the work; either data collection, analysis or interpretation; or the creation of new software used in the workplace; or have designed or revised the work All work must be free of counterfeiting, counterfeiting and plagiarism, as defined by the US Office of Research Integrity.