Verizon Service Level Agreement

Presentation space for network packages. Verizon offers both a North American delivery service standard and the Transatlantic Network Packet Delivery Level. Verizon`s north American Network Packet Delivery Service Level Standard offers monthly parcel delivery of 99.5% or more between Verizon-appointed Hub routers in North America. The transatlantic Network Packet Delivery Service Level Standard provides a monthly parcel delivery of 99.5% or more between a New York-area router named by Verizon and a Hub router designated by Verizon in the London metropolitan area (UK). The process of delivering the network package. Parcel delivery is calculated based on the average of regular measurements made between routers during a calendar month. Packet Delivery Service Level Level Level Network Network Network Performance Statistics are published at the following storage location: No credit is issued if the failure to comply with a network delivery service standard is due to force majeure reasons (see below if this is not defined in the current service agreement). Corrective solution to the delivery of the network package. If Verizon does not meet a network delivery service standard during a calendar month, the customer`s account will be automatically credited for that month. This credit corresponds to the proportionate charge of a day of monthly recurring sales charges for the Internet service, for which a Network Packet Delivery Standard service standard has not been met. Installation area.

Verizon`s standard service level installation circuit consists of installing a Verizon-controlled enterprise phone circuit and activating a Verizon port within forty (40) business days for T1 services, 60 (60) business days for T3 services and in the installation date provided by a Verizon sales manager for OC-3, OC-12, OC-48, FE Port Only and Internet Dedicated Ethernet (And GigE). Installation process. The installation date is counted from the date Verizon received all the following points from the customer: signed contract (z.B. service contract or modification), completed form for customer information and completed credit request (at Verizon`s request). The Circuit Installation Service Level Standard is not available for telephone companies ordered by the customer, telephone companies ordered by Verizon outside the bordering U.S. or if the installation delay is due to customer equipment, customer facilities, the actions or omissions of the customer, employees or agents, the non-pass review of Verizon`s credit check or reasons of force majeure (see below, if this is not defined in the current service agreement). Help with the installation. To claim a credit, the customer must request it by calling the “Request for Bill/Trouble” phone number on their bill. At the time of the call, the customer must provide the company name, account number, circuit ID, service name (Internet Dedicated), contact name and number, email address, date of installation of service level standard and actual installation date to process the requirement. If Verizon finds in its reasonable commercial judgment that it has not met a Standard Circuit Service, the customer`s bill, at the customer`s request, is credited with an amount equivalent to 50% of the installation fee charged by Verizon to include all applicable service and port installation fees, as well as the installation fee ordered and charged by Verizon for the Dedicated Internet service, for the Standard Service Circuit.