U Of A Consortium Agreement

If you are a student at Drexel University and are planning to visit another institution for one semester, you should enter into a consortium agreement [PDF]. The consortium agreement is a contract between you, Drexel University (your “institution of origin”) and your host institution (the other school). The agreement allows Drexel University to distribute certain financial aids to your account while you take courses approved by the other institution. Rewards include: Based on the above procedures, it is important to plan enough time for all these steps. Ideally, the form to get us well before the first day of payment for the term. Make sure you plan accordingly! Call the host school in advance and ask them what procedures they have for managing consortium agreements when they are host school. Note that your help may be delayed as a unionized student. The following conditions must be met to be eligible for a consortium contract: your financial assistance is granted by the institution from which you graduate. The school where you are going to graduate is the “homeland” institution which must deal with a consortium agreement with the other school, also known as the “host” institution. A consortium agreement is a contract between the student, the host institution and the University of Alabama.

The agreement allows the University of Alabama to process federal student assistance while taking courses at another university. Have not yet entered into a consortium in another autumn or spring semester (you can only conclude a consortium agreement for an autumn/spring semester) The objective of a consortium agreement is to ensure the appropriate payment of the appropriate amount of financial aid from the “Homeland” institution. Home school is the school you`d expect to get. The host institution is the other school you will visit. See the conditions for registering scholarships. Section I – To be completed by the guest student. Note that a consortium contract is only good for one term. Section II – To be completed by the host institution. The tax office of the school that the student attends must follow Section II. In closing this section, the host institution is committed to providing grade protocols at the end of the course the student has taken. Maintaining these transcripts for each semester determines academic progress at the University of Idaho.

The visiting school must send the completed form to the University of Idaho Student Financial Services Office. The consortium agreement form is available from the Office of Student Financial Aid.