Star Alliance Interline Agreements

Airlines want to cooperate with other airlines that complement them best, and this can be done in many different ways. To cite just a few examples of partnerships that have emerged in recent years outside of traditional alliances, let`s talk briefly about these four types of agreements: you have to ask the Vancouver airport. If they are separate tickets, they do not have to, but if they are Alliance partners, they can do it for you. Now, you`re probably going to scratch your head and say why I`d buy two tickets? Well, it`s becoming more and more common as passengers look for ways to reduce costs. For example, if you are travelling from Denver to Athens, you may find that it is cheaper to buy a ticket from Denver to NYC and buy a second ticket from NYC to Athens. Similar cases fly in the United States, where it is cheaper to buy a ticket from your original airport at a connecting airport and a second ticket from the connecting airport to your final destination. In the past, airlines would have located your luggage to your final destination, as long as you showed them both tickets (or etickets). Now, American, United and Delta will check your luggage until the connection, where you have to pick it up and re-inspect it. Unlike many baggage fees, these rules apply to members with elite status and apply even if the second ticket is booked with an airline that is part of the airline`s same marketing partners/alliances. Star Alliance explicitly states on its website that even Allianz carriers do not buy cheque bags on separate tickets. Of course, if the individual airline is willing to do that, then that`s a bonus. Air partnerships are more complex and advanced than ever, for both better and for worse. About 20 years ago, Star Alliance was created, which was revolutionary at the time.

SkyTeam and oneworld quickly joined the scene, and although they all exist, lately the focus has been on joint ventures. Indeed, how much can these bulk airlines have in common in the face of these alliances that have so many members? Does Aer Lingus have an Interline agreement with United to transport the luggage to the final destination? It`s going to sound very esoteric and unimportant. However, as more and more consumers opt to purchase airline tickets online, it is increasingly necessary to understand some of the rules relating to interbank agreements between airlines. These agreements govern how airlines transfer or divert your baggage from one airline to another during your trip. Some low-cost airlines, such as Southwest, did not have Interline agreements, which meant that their passengers had to pick up their luggage and go to the check-in desk to check their luggage again.