Gwich`in Transboundary Agreement

The GCLCA also provides for the negotiation of administrative autonomy. GNWT and Canada are negotiating a regional self-management agreement for the citizens of Gwich`in for the Gwichya Gwich`in Council (Tsiigehtchic), Tetl`it Gwich`in Council (Fort McPherson) and the Ehdiitat Gwich`in Council (Aklavik). The Nihtat Gwich`in Council and the Inuvik Native Band, GNWT and Canada are negotiating a self-management agreement that will create community autonomy for Inuvik`s Nihtat Gwich`in. Both models of self-management will represent only Gwich`in of citizens, this model is called the exclusive model of Aboriginal government. consult with the Tetlit Gwich`in prior to the development of management plans for the classified cultural heritage areas in the primary operating area and for all areas of Tetlit Gwich in the secondary use area; There you go. Contact Tetlit Gwich`in if they want to introduce laws on Tetlit Gwich`s sites or resources in. Qualified participants in the Gwich`in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement will be given priority. We thank all those who apply, but only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you.

The First Yukon Nation, in the territory of which the traditional site is located; or the government and the Tetlit Gwich`in will find ways to manage and protect the burial sites of Tetlit Gwich`in. These procedures should include access limitations, consultation with Tetlit Gwich`in and other Relevant First Nations. Section 9.5.1 of the cross-border agreement lists these safeguard measures. The Gwich`in Tribal Council is a First Nations organization that represents the peoples of Gwich`in in northern Canada and owns approximately 23,884 square kilometres of land in the Yukon and Northwest Territories. It was founded in 1992 with the final ratification of the Gwich`in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement with the Government of Canada. Negotiations for a final agreement and hence Gwich`s self-management are ongoing. However, if a website is currently in progress, it is available on the Scheduled Auditions page. To apply for this position, click on this link: Transboundary Specialist The Gwich`in Tribal Council (GTC) is looking for a highly motivated person to fill the position of Transboundary Specialist in Inuvik, Northwest Territories. The cross-border specialist applies to report to the Director of Lands and Resources and promotes the interests and rights of the Gwich`in with respect to the exploitation, management and conservation of land, water and resources on private land in other communities (Western Arctic, Sahtu, Yukon). In the Yukon Agreement on the Cross-Border, a heritage resource will be a heritage resource: the government will communicate to Tetlit Gwich`in any tender for the management of cultural sites related to the history or culture of Tetlit Gwich`in.