Does Amazon Enforce Non Compete Agreements

Last week, it was announced that Amazon had sued a former AWS executive for violating the non-compete clause in its employment contract. Geekwire as a geekwire not to link them to the actual complaint, apparently prefer Muckraking to real journalism. [After publication, they attacked me; they actually filed the complaint at the end of their article. Management regrets the error.] But it`s not just Amazon that registers. Critics also hire washington state lawmakers for failing to implement stricter restrictions on non-competition obligations in the last Legislature. The work is repetitive and physically strenuous, and it can pay several dollars above the minimum wage, but Amazon requires these workers, even seasonal ones, strict and extensive non-compete agreements. Amazon`s contract, obtained by The Verge, requires employees not to work in a company where they “directly or indirectly” support all goods or services that rival those that have supported them on Amazon, for a year and a half after their short stations on Amazon. Of course, the company`s warehouses are the beating heart of Amazon`s online shopping empire, whose exceptional breadth has earned it the title of Everything Store, so Amazon seems to require temporary workers to force a considerable portion of the global economy in exchange for a multi-month stock festival. The liberal use of Amazon and the implementation of competitive competitions is controversial and controversial in the technology sector. Angel`s investor Chris DeVore accused the Washington lawsuit and law of “doing nothing to stop this abusive practice of the work of the state`s most influential employers.” Non-competition. During employment and for 18 months after the separation date, the worker will not directly or indirectly support the development, manufacture, marketing or sale of products or services intended to compete with a product or service, either on his own behalf or on behalf of another company (.

B, for example, as an employee, agent, partner or consultant). which is proposed or provided by Amazon (or will in the future be sold, offered or provided by Amazon), on which the employee has worked or supported, or through which employees have received or received confidential information.