Cambridgeshire County Council Section 278 Agreement

The establishment of Pavement Caf├ęs on the public highway according to Section VIIA, Section 115 (A to K) of the Highways Act 1980 remains the responsibility of the Cambridgeshire County Highway Authority, applicants can obtain more information about this process by contacting or by requesting and making the first payment for a table and chair licence, please complete our online form. The evaluation of the structures within the proposed highway is supplemented by additional costs. To discuss your needs, please contact The structures to be adopted must comply with the current specifications of the case. Previous specifications and Autocad drawing files in current attachments are available on request, please contact The introduction of an expedited temporary procedure will allow businesses to obtain, in time for the summer, the approval of the city council to place furniture such as tables and chairs on the sidewalk, outside their premises. Licenses are maintained for up to one year, but not beyond September 30, 2021. The exact duration of the certificates issued varies between the authorities responsible for receiving them and is left to the discretion of the relevant reception authorities. Public lighting must meet the most recent specifications contained in the Council`s highway policy. Before creating a diagram, please contact

For assistance with Section 278 Agreements, e-mail For all new licences and renewals of existing licences, please contact your City Council: Highway Planning should include the principles of the Road Manual. Please note that some dimensions are not suitable for acceptance by the County Council. To discuss development adoption requirements, please contact Only registered companies can request storage, scaffolding and jumping permissions. If you would like to register, please email If you wish to amend an existing authorization with respect to operating hours or the scope of the authorization, please contact the road authority at the To request section 38 (new highway for adoption by the Landratsamt) or section 106/278 (work to amend the existing highway agreement), please complete the application form below and provide all requested documents. The work must comply with our construction requirements. . Please note that developers are responsible for all energy costs until they are adopted. Below are other models associated with an S278 application.

If you need to reduce a speed limit or close a road or pedestrian road, you must apply for a Temporary Traffic Regulation (ERB). These may be arranged if it is necessary to temporarily control the activity of vehicles or pedestrians over a length of the public highway. Request for a Departure from Standard (Updated in May 2019) To apply for permission and pay to place a skip on the highway, please complete the online form. Applications by phone or email are no longer accepted. In the developer portal usage guide, you`ll learn how to use the developer portal to deliver S278 and S38 applications to Hampshire County Council. All safety audit requirements in the field of road safety must be passed on through the development management engineer who handles your application. For more information on this process, visit our Road Safety Review page. S278 Minor Works Submission Checklist (updated September 2020) . If you intend to serve food and beverages from your business on a portion of the public highway, you must apply for a license. Please read the following information on how to apply.

Please allow five days of clear work until your application can be processed. Please read the terms and conditions of sale on the license before filing.